Wen-Te (Winder) Zhang Ph.D is an associate professor in the department of Chinese Pharmaceutical Sciences and Chinese Medicine Resources at Taichung China Medical University in Taiwan. Winder graduated He has had post doctorate roles in the Academia Sinica, Taipei, Leiden University and was a visiting scholar at the University of Westminster. He has had a particular interest in pharmacognosy,  the use of metabolomics for quality control and plant biotechnology.  

Keynote Lecture - Managing the Herbal Supply Chain in Taiwan

10am-12pm, Saturday 26th June

A long time friend of the RCHM, Winder is best known over here for sending his students to do work experience in clinics and herbal suppliers in the UK. Many in our community have been very grateful for the professional assistance in pharmacognosy and other matters of herbal supply he and hisstudents have provided over the years. Chinese herbal treatment is subsidised as part of the national healthcare service in Taiwan. The scale of the industry presents significant challenges in assuring quality and safety of herbal materials. The department that Winder works for in Taiwan is called in by clinics, hospitals and herbal suppliers to research and assist a wide variety of issues involved in managing the herbal supply chain. This has given him a unique perspective on Chinese herbal medicine, not only in Taiwan but worldwide. In this talk, Winder will explain how Chinese herbal medicine is provided in Taiwan, covering the whole chain from farmer to patient, giving attendees a window into Chinese herbal management at a high level. He will also speak about global issues of herb supply that affect all countries and give his view on issues of sustainability in the industry. He will also talk about his impressions of the UK and his experiences sending students to study here. There will be ample time for questions which will be a great opportunity for our community to have light shed on the issues we face here.