Awais is a 6th generation teacher of Wu style Tai Chi and a 2nd generation teacher of Qigong.  He is the vice chairman of the Wu Shi Tai Ji and Qigong Association in London. Awais is a long term student and disciple of Michael Acton, and teaches the therapeutic methods as taught by Dr Li Liqun of Shanghai. He runs the Seven Heavens Clinic in London (acupuncture, cupping and tuina) and was the biomedical lead, teaching both TCM and biomedicine on the acupuncture degree and masters courses at London South Bank University and for the Confucious institute of TCM in London. Awais is a peer reviewer for journals, and has been an external examiner on acupuncture courses.


8:30am-9:30am - Saturday 11th June & 8am-9am Sunday 12th June

In the weekends qigong sessions we will practice a mixture of dynamic and therapeutic methods.  The dynamic methods will set you up for the weekends lectures, the therapeutic methods will help restore your balance after a difficult few years working in a Pandemic environment.  These methods can be used to prevent burnout, and restore your balance and are great fun too.