Simon Becker

Simon Becker holds a diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Florida Institute of TCM and a MSc from the University of Westminster, UK. He is the author of various articles and books on Chinese medicine including The Handbook of Chinese Hematology and The Treatment of Cardiovascular Disorders with Chinese Medicine. He served as the president for the Swiss Professional Association of TCM and is currently a board-member of the national association for professional recognition of alternative medicine OdA AM. Simon is the director of the Chiway Academy and deputy head of the Chinese Medicine Policlinic at the Hospital in Horgen. He specializes in the treatment of children and supportive treatment of cancer patients.
Charles Buck

With more than 3 decades experience Charlie is a distinguished TCM teacher, practitioner and author. Awarded a BSc in physiology from Bristol Med School he then began the 3-year full-time acu training at ICOM in 1981. He pioneered CHM in the UK by self study from ’83 to ’86 at a time when only a handful of UK practitioners were seriously investigating this medicine. Scarce literature meant that Charlie was limited to photocopied notes and was obliged to translate material on the herbs and formulas. From ’86 to ’88 he studied with Ted Kaptchuk and Giovanni Macioccia as well as various prominent professors from China progressing then to clinical internments at Shanghai’s Shuguang and Yueyang Hospitals. When, in 1994 the NCA set up the UK’s first college-based CHM training, Charlie was appointed as the first course director and principle lecturer. Now a seasoned educator, conference presenter and author, Charlie has acted as external examiner in the UK and Europe and has published extensively on many aspects of TCM, notably his textbook 'Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine - Roots of Modern Practice'. Charlie is known for his deep knowledge as well as his engaging and illuminating teaching style.
Dr Suzanne Robidoux

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullam,co lDr. Suzanne Robidoux is a recognized international speaker specialized in neurological disorders using a classical Chinese medicine approach with scalp and body acupuncture, classical acupuncture, advanced moxibustion treatment, classical formula system as well as various types of qigong exercises. After completing Masters Degree in Chinese medicine in the US, she wanted to find more information on classical medicine. She began with Taiwan, where she spent three years learning mandarin, practicing with some local practitioners while keeping a daily practice of internal and external martial arts. Dr. Robidoux then went to Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine in 2004 to complete her Doctorates in Chinese medicine where she focused her research on treating debilitating neurological diseases post stroke paralysis, multiple sclerosis, Major Depression Disease, anxiety disorders and PTSD with scalp acupuncture as well as practicing in a traditional Chinese medicine hospital treating various gynecological diseases such as infertility, PID and uterine fibroid with specialized moxibustion techniques. She came to Beijing in 2007 and spent five years working for the People’s Medical Publishing House to facilitate the translation of over 20 Chinese medical textbooks in English and in French. At the time she managed an international cooperation with China to translate and publish over 100 Chinese medical titles in over 8 different languages in the hope to spread CM information in all parts of the world. She has published various books such as TCM Case Studies: Internal Medicine, and the Classical Yuan Qi Acupuncture Charts, and DVD courses Understanding the Shang Han Za Bing Lun, and the Advanced Clinical Series to make classical teachings more available in the English speaking world. Presently Dr. Robidoux is completing a post doctorates clinical trial (2014-2016) at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine on the application of classical thinking of the ancient doctor Zhang Zhong Jing in today’s clinic with the classical expert Dr. Feng Shi Lun. Her goal is to revive the classical thinking within the Chinese medical community by systemizing it and making it readily available through online courses and books.
Simon King

Simon has practised Chinese herbal medicine since 1988 and has a particular interest in renal and genitourinary conditions. He takes a pragmatic and eclectic approach which is influenced by his long term interest in the practical applications of philosophy of science – an area in which he is currently studying for a PhD.