Roundtable Discussion and Q&A

Saturday 3rd November 11am-1pm

'Different Perspectives on Treating Constipation'
Danny Blyth
Martin John
Prof. Volker Scheid
Frances Turner

Different Perspectives on Treating Constipation

Constipation can be difficult to treat and even more challenging to help patients to have sustained improvement. Our community is an incredible resource for information and everyone has their own personal insights and strategies so this year instead of a keynote we are hosting this open forum between our four speakers and you the audience! The session will start with two short presentations on different aspects of treating constipation by Frances Turner and Danny Blyth. After this there will be a 40 minute discussion between the four panellists on how to get the best results in treatment and also how to sustain the results over time. In the final 40 minutes, the discussion will be opened up to the audience for questions, answers and your own insights.
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