Simon Becker holds a diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Florida Institute of TCM and a MSc from the University of Westminster, UK. He is the author of various articles and books on Chinese medicine. He served as the president for the Swiss Professional Association of TCM from 2003 until 2009. Simon is the director of the Chiway Academy and deputy head of the Chinese Medicine Policlinic at the Hospital in Horgen. He specializes in the treatment of children and supportive treatment of cancer patients. Simon is a member of the RCHM and spoke at our conference in recent years, giving a very successful full day lecture on the management of Cancer with Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Understanding Blood stasis – A Key Factor for the Successful Treatment of Modern Diseases

9:30am-5pm SUNDAY 21st JUNE

Blood stasis is a key factor in many chronic, difficult-to-treat diseases. The 19th century classic Yi lin gai cuo is probably the most important book ever written on the treatment of blood stasis. It is the source of many of the most commonly applied prescriptions in modern Chinese medicine. Still, many of these formulas are not well known in the West. However, prescriptions from he Yi lin gai cuo are the ideal starting place for the treatment of any and all types of blood stasis presentations.   After a short introduction to the Yi lin gai cuo as one of the late classics of Chinese medicine, this lecture takes a close look at the presentation and pathology of blood stasis: the development of blood stasis, its influence of other disease mechanisms, its prevalence in modern diseases and its clinical presentations. Thereafter, some of the best and most popular formulas from the Yi lin gai cuo will be introduced. For each formula, the composition, clinical applications, and modifications are presented. Case histories clarify the application in clinic.