Lei Zhou An  is an acupuncturist and RCHM member Chinese herbalist practising in Notting Hill Gate, London, UK with over 30 years of experience in natural health and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Born and brought up in Trinidad and Tobago, Lei Zhou An comes from 4 generations of medical doctors. She has been qualified since 1984 and trained with both Giovanni Maciocia and Ted Kaptchuk. She also spent time in New York with the eminent late Dr. John Shen and at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx under Dr. Michael Smith. She worked for 6 years developing the use of Chinese Medicine for HIV/Aids at London Lighthouse Hospice, between 1988-1994. Since then she has become a mother and works mainly in her private acupuncture and Chinese herbs practice in Notting Hill Gate, London. This includes working with young children and with couples who are hoping to start a family. Her clinic also includes helping those under mental and emotional stress and with those with Cancer to help raise their immunity.
Lecture Choice 1b

Ling Zhi (Ganoderma Lucidum) - Between Myth and Science

4pm - 5:30pm, Saturday 12th November, Imperial College, London

Lei Zhou An has always had a fascination with Ling Zhi and medicinal mushrooms. In this lecture she will approach this wonderful herb from multiple directions. She will go into how the herb is perceived within the Chinese medical tradition and also to the biochemistry and the science of how they grow. Through working with her husband who grows Ling Zhi biodynamically, she has been able to obtain a more involved and deeper understanding of this mushroom. She will place Ling Zhi in the context of the history of medicinal mushrooms and also our deeper relationship with fungi, their medical value to us and their importance for the environment. She believes that to prescribe and fully comprehend these totally unique medicinal products to their maximum potential, one almost has to inhabit them and understand how they literally inhabit us!