Keynote Lecture (Saturday) & Full Day Lecture (Sunday)


Dr. Karl Zippelius is a renowned author and lecturer and is best known as the foremost authority on TCM orthopedics, traumatology and sports medicine. After obtaining his degree in human medicine from the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich and the Free University Berlin Dr. Zippelius studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at the “Schule Ost des Arbeitskreises für TCM” in Berlin as well as at the TCM University in Chengdu, China. He continued his training in Chinese orthopedics and traumatology at the Orthopedic Military Hospital of Sichuan Province, the Sichuan Tianxiang TCM Orthopedic Hospital, the Dance Injury Research Institute in Chengdu, and the Sichuan Tianpeng Academy of TCM -Orthopedics & Longevity, where Dr. Zippelius has been a research member fellow since 2002. These extensive observations of the peak of Chinese medicine traumatology practice have given Dr Zippelius a unique insight into and broad knowledge of this field. For 20 years, with a strong pioneering spirit, he has promoted the integration of TCM into professional sports and western medicine. He is head of the TCM department of the national austrian institute for sports medicine and runs a private medical clinics in Florence and Vienna where top athletes and classical dancers are rehabilitated after sports injuries. Since 2006 Dr. Zippelius has taught at the University of Florence. He is the co-author and author of several books and papers in Elsevier and Springer including:  "Guidelines of Chinese Medicine", "Spontaneous rupture of achilles tendon - a predictable event?" and "The effectiveness of external application of Chinese herbs to promote fracture union and soft-tissue healing" Dr. Zippelius considers medical work as the 'art of healing' and therefore also linked to his affinity to classical music. He is a keen violin player and has played in the World Doctors Orchestra (WDO) since 2010.
Keynote Lecture

Integrative Sports Medicine: The Potential of Treating Sports Injuries to Aid the Establishment of TCM in Western Countries.

11am-1pm Saturday 11th November, Imperial College, London

'Traditional Chinese Traumatology’ has a long history in Chinese medicine. The methods most often used include the use of internal and external Chinese herbs, Tui Na massage and acupuncture. Using these techniques according to the three stages of trauma shortens healing and rehabilitation time, minimizes the risk of long-term complications, such as post-traumatic osteo-arthritis or chronic pain syndromes. Unfortunately in European health systems it is still not sufficiently known that these techniques play a fundamental role in achieving these goals. Dr Zippelius has 20 years of experience in treating sports injuries. He gained invaluable knowledge and training from experience in a dedicated Chinese Medicine Traumatology clinic in China. He is also the head of the TCM ambulatory at OISM, the Austrian institute of Sports medicine and a member of Sportmedic, a private medical clinic in Vienna, where he works alongside surgeons treating many professional athletes including the Alpine Ski team. Dr Zippelius believes strongly that Chinese medicine traumatology is not only vitally important for the future of Sports medicine, but also by participating as part of multi-disciplinary integrated Sports medicine teams, this is a way that Chinese medicine can get the serious recognition it deserves. Sports medicine is a high-profile field and the shortening of healing times and reduction in risk of complications is a vital staple of the industry. He will draw on his considerable experience, training and insight to outline a vision for the future of integrated medicine. This will also act as a great complement to his full day lecture on the Sunday of the conference.
Full Day Lecture

RCHM Masterclass: Treating Sports Injuries and Trauma with Chinese Herbal Medicine

9am- 5pm Sunday 12th November, Imperial College, London

This full day lecture is an unmissable opportunity to learn how to treat pain, orthopaedics and trauma conditions with Chinese herbal medicine, in a clear, applicable and understandable way. This is the first time Dr Zippelius has dedicated a day specifically to the herbs of trauma treatment and hence is a unique lecture with content that is not present in his other more general TCM lectures. Western Sports Medicine uses the simple RICE protocol (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) for treating sports injuries. In contrast, Chinese Medicine treatment advocates immediate movement, acupuncture, massage therapy and, most importantly, topical herbal applications instead of ice therapy. There are few Western practitioners that have the level of insight into using Chinese Herbs for healing trauma as Dr Zippelius. He has learned from one of the top Chinese medical trauma clinics in China, from his Chinese and Western training and his extensive clinical experience of 20 years in the West. He has also developed his own range of herbal creams and ointments according to the stages of wound healing. The participants of this masterclass will gain a deeper understanding of the patho-mechanisms of the three healing stages of musculoskeletal injuries according to TCM. Instead of a general treatment protocol, you will learn how to tailor treatment to individual cases and to the three stages of healing. The importance of very early herbal treatment of blood stasis during the acute phase of trauma and sports injuries to avoid long term post-traumatic complications will be explained in detail. In this full day session, you will learn:
  • The main stages of wound healing and physical trauma recovery and their related Chinese Medicine diagnosis and treatment principles.
  • How to interpret and analyse herbal trauma formulas. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the major herbal formulas normally used in external and internal applications and how they are related to different stages of trauma.
  • How to prepare different types of application methods like fumigation, herbal paste, ointment, tincture, herbal pack. Practical demonstrations will be included.
  • Clinical examination techniques of different joints
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