Jade Screen Project Case Presentations and Group Discussion

Saturday 26th June - 1:10-5pm

A focus on Long Covid

Anne Etherton

Lily Lai

Laurie Glenn

Group Discussion

Jade Screen Project Case Presentations and Group Discussion

At the beginning of the pandemic, Andrew Flower led an effort, supported by a number of dedicated practitioners, to support frontline healthcare workers with Chinese herbal medicine treatment. This quickly galvanised support and many RCHM members gave their support to the project and participated in the programme. To celebrate and honour the dedication of the practitioners of the Jade Screen project, we have invited three RCHM members and participants of the project to present cases that will shed light on the challenges and promise of treating Long Covid. Anne Etherton will be presenting a case relating to prevention of Covid. Understanding prevention of Covid can really help us to better understand Long Covid since the state of one's health before contracting the disease will be a significant determinant on how one comes out of it. Lily Lai Ph.D and Laurie Glenn will follow this by presenting cases on Long Covid itself with valuable insights into this area. After these case presentations, members will have the opportunity to ask the presenters questions and they can discuss their cases together as a panel. There will be a short break and then conference attendees will be split into small groups to share their own experiences of treating different aspects of Covid in the past year.
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