Danny believes that good health starts in the kitchen, and takes a light-hearted and pragmatic approach to traditional nutrition in a modern setting.  He has been practicing in Cheltenham since 1998, and teaching at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine since 2001 (cundergraduate acupuncture, post-grad herbal medicine, paediatric acupuncture and nutrition).  He has taught tai chi and internal martial arts since 1995, and is currently studying Classical Medical Chinese with Nicolaas Herman Oving.  Prior to working in Chinese medicine, Danny worked as a plantsman and propagator at Batsford Arboretum.  He co-authored “Chinese Dietary Wisdom” with Greg Lampert which was essentially a collection of their clinical handouts and recipes.
Lecture Choice 2b

Picking the Low Hanging Fruit: Giving Dietary Advice That Patients Can Follow.

4pm-5:30pm, Saturday 3rd November, King's College London

We will take a practical and hands-on approach to giving  achievable dietary advice; look at how we can get through to different patients, and how we can make changes without bombarding and overwhelming them.  Is anything wrong with bread?  What should I order from a pub menu?  Who on earth eats lily bulbs?  We will allow some time for heated discussion!