Andrew Sterman is author of Welcoming Food: Diet as Medicine for Home Cooks and Other Healers (Classical Wellness Press, New York, available Spring 2020).  Based in New York City, Andrew works with clients in the areas of dietary therapy, medical qigong and meditation, and writes a popular column for the Golden Flower Chinese Herbs newsletter.  Andrew first entered Chinese medicine through qigong and taiji in 1988.  He began studying the healing potential of food at the same time by enrolling at the Natural Gourmet Cookery School.  Seeking to deepen his understanding of food energetics, Andrew began formal study of Chinese herbal medicine, diagnostics, medical theory, and dietary therapy with Master Jeffrey Yuen in 2001.  Andrew’s parallel career as a professional musician enables him to travel extensively and learn from chefs of many cultures, further inspiring him to discover unique ways to incorporate food and healing into daily cooking routines.  At home, Andrew cooks for his wife, author and acupuncturist Ann Cecil-Sterman, and their two children.

The Hidden Medicinals: Diet as Medicine

3:30pm-5pm - SATURDAY 20th June

All foods and drinks have medicinal influence on us, for benefit or impediment.  Foods complete or compete with our herbal formulas, western meds, or other health strategies.  In this talk we will decode the healing strategies of several well-known Chinese herbal formulas and learn how to support them with diet, an introduction to the vastness of Chinese dietary therapy.